Can't Liking the Instagram Pictures Problem

If you get an error that you can't like Instagram pictures, it means you've received a temporary ban. It means that your activities are illegally understood by Instagram. For example, it could be exceeding the limit of comments, followers and tags. In cases such as liking more than 150 photos in a day, liking more than 10 images in 1 minute, or following more than 7,500 accounts in 1 day, problems such as I cannot get instagram likes are encountered. The Instagram app, which monitors these activities, puts a warning block on your account. During this block you cannot follow anyone and like their photos.

How to Remove Instagram Temporary Block?

The only thing that can be done to remove the temporary ban is not to continue the above mentioned illegal activities. The duration of the temporary disability is between 1 and 2 days, and as a result of this period, it will be lifted automatically.

What Should Be Done to Avoid Obstacles?

Here's what to do to avoid getting blocked on Instagram:

  • Not liking more than 150 photos in 1 day,
  • Not to share more than 50 photos in 1 day,
  • Not following more than 500 people in 1 day,
  • Not to use more than 5 tags when sharing 1 photo,
  • Not liking more than 10 photos in 1 minute,
  • It should be done in order not to receive problems such as not following more than 20 accounts in 1 minute and not getting instagram likes.

How to Eliminate Instagram Self-Following Problem?

There are 2 methods to get rid of the self-following problem of the Instagram application. With these methods, it prevents your Instagram account from being automatically followed by other accounts. These 2 methods that can be applied to keep your account safe are given as follows:

  • Check Instagram AOI Permissions: Login to Instagram. After logging in, review and select the apps you allow.
  • Change Instagram Account Password: After logging in to your Instagram account, the password must be changed by applying the settings > security > password steps. After changing your password, all logged-in devices are logged out. All log-in systems will also be logged out. In this way, your Instagram account will no longer have a problem as if other accounts are following Instagram by itself.

What Causes the Problem of Unfollowing the Account on Instagram?

The reasons for the temporary unfollowing problem on Instagram are given as follows:

  • With the update of Instagram in the last 5 years, illegal activity tracking has also started. With this follow-up, Instagram has now started to seriously observe who is using Instagram correctly or not. In the last 5 years, many Instagram users have been encountering problems such as I cannot follow Instagram.
  • You may also experience Instagram blocking problem due to Internet Connection. In some cases, the reason why you can't follow someone may be the internet connection.

How to Tell if Instagram Account is Temporarily Blocked?

You may not try to follow some accounts or like their photos to understand that Instagram is temporarily blocked. If you cannot do these operations, that is, if the follow and like process is withdrawn immediately after following someone or liking their photo, your account is temporarily blocked.

How to Unblock Instagram Account?

There is no need to worry about the process of unblocking the Instagram account. If you were able to successfully log into your account from the very beginning, you should know that your account has a temporary ban and is temporary. Your account will return to normal within 12 – days at the latest and your account activities will improve automatically. In this process, doing something you don't know can create problems. Therefore, it is necessary to wait for the problems such as I cannot follow or like Instagram to be resolved and at the same time avoid illegal situations.