MediaMantam Distance Sales Agreement ("Agreement"); address 7. 6. the address with the ("BUYER”) specified in the clause. It has been established electronically within the framework of the terms and conditions set out below between the ("SELLER”) specified in the article dec

2. definitions

MediaMantnam will express their written statements in the following terms in the application and interpretation of the agreement.



A natural or legal person who acquires, uses, or uses a service for commercial or non-professional purposes,



Minister of Commerce,



The Ministry of Trade,

Ravi or the SALESMAN





The subject of all types of consumer transactions other than providing goods that are made or committed for a fee or benefit,



The Law on Consumer Protection,



It belongs to RAVI www.medyamantam.net the website of the,

The Order Taker


A good or service belongs to RAVI www.medyamantam.net a natural or legal person requesting it through a website or mobile application called,



This Agreement concluded between the SELLER and the BUYER shall be deciphered in accordance with,

The Parties



Product or products


It refers to all kinds of movable property, and similar products, which are the subject of shopping



The Distance Sales Regulation,


The MediaMantam Contract is regulated in accordance with the Law No. 6502 on Consumer Protection and the Regulation on Distance Contracts. The Parties acknowledge and declare that they know and understand the obligations and responsibilities arising from the Law No. 6502 on Consumer Protection and the Regulation on Distance Contracts in the MediaMantam Contract throne. MedyaMantam subject of the contract to a real person narrators of the receiver, on the platform, the goods/services to offer for sale by the seller of goods/services electronically towards the purchase order specified in the contract with the qualities of goods/services in relation to the sale and delivery of distance contracts No. 6502 on consumer protection laws and regulations in accordance with the provisions of the parties ' determination of rights and obligations it creates.


4.1.The BUYER agrees that he has reviewed, read, understood and provided the necessary information about all general-specific descriptions on the relevant pages-parts of the Platform before the establishment of this Agreement by the BUYER with the acceptance of the Platform and the obligation to pay both the order and the Buyer in the following matters.

a) The SELLER's title and contact information, as well as up-to-date identification information,

b) Purposeful tools and methods for correcting incorrectly entered information at the stages of the sales process during the receipt of Products from the Platform,

c) Electronic contact information that can be obtained from the Professional Chamber (ITO-Istanbul Chamber of Commerce) to which the SELLER is a member and the ITO's code of conduct regarding the profession (Phone: 444 0 486, www.ito.org.tr)

d) Privacy, data usage-processing and electronic communication rules applicable to BUYER's information applied by RAVI, as well as the permissions granted by BUYER to RAVI in these matters, BUYER's legal rights, SELLER's rights and procedures for using the Parties' rights,

e)Shipping restrictions imposed by the SELLER for products,

f) The payment methods and tools accepted by RAVI for the Products subject to the contract, as well as the main features and qualities of the Products, the total price, including taxes (the total price that the BUYER will pay to the SELLER, including related costs),

g)Information on the procedures for the delivery of products to the BUYER, as well as on the costs of transportation-delivery-cargo,

h) Other payment / collection and delivery information related to the Products, as well as information related to the performance of the Contract, the responsibilities of the Parties in these matters,

i) Products and other goods and services that the BUYER does not have the right to withdraw, j) In cases where the BUYER has the right to withdraw, the BUYER will lose the right to withdraw if it is not used within the terms, duration and procedure of using this right, as well as the duration of the right,

k) In Products with the right of withdrawal, if the Product is damaged or modified due to non-compliance with the instructions for use, normal operation or technical specifications during the withdrawal period, the BUYER's withdrawal request may not be accepted and will be liable to the SELLER in any case, the SELLER may deduct an amount that it finds appropriate for this disorder or change from the refund to the BUYER if the product is not used in accordance with the withdrawal period,

l) How to return the Products to the SELLER and all related financial considerations (including ways of return, cost and refund of the Product price and discounts and deductions that may be made for reward points earned/used by the BUYER at the time of return) in cases where he has the right to withdraw,

m) Details of the BUYER's conditions of use (special conditions) for various opportunities that may be applied on the Platform from time to time,

n)According to its nature, with all other terms of sale also contained in this Agreement, this Agreement can be stored and accessed by the BUYER for the required period of time, as it is sent by e-mail to the BUYER after the BUYER has been approved and installed on the Platform, RAVI can also store it for three years.

o) In case of disputes, the BUYER can submit complaints to RAVI or the SELLER, as well as make legal applications to District / Provincial Arbitration Committees and Consumer Courts in accordance with the relevant provisions of Law No. 6502 with contact information that the BUYER can submit to RAVI.












Seller Email



The Person Who Will Be Delivered


Delivery Address









7.1.The main characteristics of the Product/Product/Products/Service (type, quantity, brand/model, color, quantity) are located on the RAVI Platform. You can review the main features of the product during the campaign.


10.1.The BUYER agrees, declares and undertakes that he has read and has information about the basic qualities of the Product subject to the Contract, the sales price and payment method, as well as preliminary information about delivery, and has given the necessary confirmation electronically on the Platform. As a BUYER consumer, they can submit their requests and complaints to the SELLER's contact information listed above and/ or through the channels provided by the Platform. The addressee's; Distance from convention sales to confirm the preliminary information form electronically before the establishment of the address, which must be given by the seller to the buyer, the order of the products on the basic features of the product and the price including taxes, payment and delivery information that is acquired is accepted as correct and complete.

10.2.Each product subject to the contract is delivered to the person and/or organization at the address indicated by the BUYER or the BUYER within the period specified in the preliminary information section on the website, depending on the distance of the BUYER's place of residence, provided that it does not exceed the legal period of 30 days. The BUYER may terminate the Contract if the SELLER does not fulfill his/her performance within this period. The delivery date specified in the form of "estimated delivery date” on the website is indicated as an estimate, and this statement does not contain any commitment. These products will be delivered to the BUYER no later than 30 days as specified in the legislation. If the BUYER or the person to be delivered is not at the address at the time of delivery, the SELLER is not responsible for the damages and expenses caused by the BUYER's late delivery of the product and/or no delivery at all.

10.3.The seller must complete the product subject to the contract, the appropriate qualifications in order, and, if available, warranty documents, user manuals to work with information and documents that are needed to deliver in accordance with the requirements call any shame legislative solid, within the principles of honesty and accuracy in compliance with the standards to perform the upgrade during the execution of the works and keeping the quality of service necessary to show care and attention, to act with prudence and foresight is accepted.

10.4.The SELLER may supply a different product of equal quality and price by informing the BUYER and obtaining his express approval before the expiration of the performance obligation arising from the Contract.

10.5.The BUYER accepts, declares and undertakes that he will confirm this Agreement electronically for the delivery of the Product subject to the Contract, that if the product subject to the Contract is not paid for any reason and/or the bank cancels it in the records of the financial institution, the SELLER's obligation to deliver the product subject to the contract will cease. If for any reason the bank and/or the code sent by the financial institution to fail, but the bank and/or financial institution for payment to the vendor by the buyer, any liability of the seller declares that were free of it.

10.6.If the BUYER does not pay the cost of the product subject to the Contract to the SELLER by the relevant bank or financial institution as a result of unauthorized use of the BUYER's credit card after the delivery of the Product subject to the Contract to the person and/or organization at the address indicated by the BUYER or the BUYER, the BUYER agrees, declares and undertakes to return the product subject to the Contract to the SELLER within 3 days with the shipping costs belonging to the BUYER.

10.7.The BUYER will inspect the goods/services subject to the Contract before receiving them; dents, broken, torn packaging, etc. damaged and defective goods / services will not be delivered from the shipping company. The delivered goods/services will be considered to be undamaged and intact. The BUYER is responsible for the careful protection of the goods/services after delivery. Goods/services should not be used if the right of withdrawal is to be exercised. The invoice must be returned.